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The Non-Commercial Partnership for Foreign
Trade PROVED [pr?-v?d] (standing for PRO
professionals, and VED - a Russian acronym for
‘foreign economic activity’) is a Russian business
association which unites foreign trade participants
(importers and exporters) and companies that
provide professional services to foreign trade
participants (customs brokers, freight forwarding
companies, warehouse and logistics companies,
banks, insurance companies, marketing and
promotional agencies, etc).

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CEO Message

New market entry and subsequent effective
foreign trade are major challenges in
themselves. But they become still more1
challenging when companies face a lack of
favorable conditions for foreign trade in the
host country.
Russia ranks 157nd out of 185 countries on the
ease of “trading across borders”, according to
the World Bank's 2014 Doing Business report,
which looks at domestic small and

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News and Video Chanel

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Why Russia

Russia is the UK's fastest-growing major export market and the third-largest export market outside Europe and North America, with favourable cross-sector opportunities, some unique in scale. The government's economy modernisation and infrastructure development agenda, underpinned by 140 million consumer's appetite for quality services and goods, produces a need for international expertise and products.
UK exports to Russia in 2011 increased by 39% from 2010, and equalled £4.78 billion. Since 2001 UK-Russia trade has been growing by an average of 21% year on year.

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Main challenges in Russia

Doing business in Russia can be more1 difficult than operating in many Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. It’s important to be well prepared for any foreign company before it comes to Russia.

  • Russia ranked 127 of 178 countries in Transparency International’s 2013 ‘Corruption Perceptions Index’.
  • Russia’s regions can have different regulations in force
  • potential language barriers
  • bureaucracy and slow response from local authorities and government agencies

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