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What we do

Government Relations

The PROVED Partnership is a public platform that allows for an open, fair and constructive dialogue with government bodies on issues that concern the business community in the field of foreign trade. The Partnership represents and promotes the interests of its members with government authorities
of the Russian Federation at all levels and branches, as well as with supranational and international bodies. The Partnership monitors the business environment affecting foreign trade on a permanent basis and provides the authorities with information about business' problems and concerns.

Protection of Rights

With its own significant legal resources, the PROVED Partnership provides protection of the rights and legitimate interests of its members, successfully implementing pre-trial and trial appeals against decisions, acts or omissions of the authorities. The Partnership is also an accredited expert
organization for the legal assessment of the appeals to the Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights against entrepreneurs’ rights violations in the field of customs administration.

Public consultation

The PROVED Partnership is involved in public consultations and regulatory impact assessment of existing and new regulation in the field of foreign trade and customs. Regulatory development The PROVED Partnership is involved in drafting regulation proposals designed to create a favorable regulatory framework in the field of foreign trade, especially for the improvement of customs and tariff regulation. Informational and consulting support on foreign trade The Partnership provides informational, analytical, consulting, organizational, methodological, IT and other necessary support and business maintenance in the field of foreign trade.

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