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Who we are

The Non-Commercial Partnership for Foreign Trade PROVED [pr?-v?d] (standing for PRO professionals, and VED - a Russian acronym for ‘foreign economic activity’) is a Russian business association which unites foreign trade participants (importers and exporters) and companies that provide professional services to foreign trade participants (customs brokers, freight forwarding companies, warehouse and logistics companies, banks, insurance companies, marketing and promotional agencies, etc). The primary objective of the PROVED Partnership is to create favorable conditions for foreign trade activity and professional services in this field in Russia. Our mission is to make foreign trade accessible, transparent, safe, and effective for SMEs in Russia.

The PROVED Partnership is not merely a union of entrepreneurs, but also a research and a consulting center which collaborates with respected experts in the field of foreign trade regulation and promotion. Among our highly qualified experts are individuals who have been specifically developing roadmaps for the Russian government on “Customs Administration Improvement” and “Support for Access to Foreign Markets and Export Promotion”. They also lead the workgroups for the implementation and monitoring of these roadmaps, under the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

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